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Companies often throw pots of money at web designers to create slick, professional websites, then ask their own employees to write the copy.

This is like buying a multi-million pound yacht and fitting it with oars.

Website copywriting is the keystone in any site’s construction. Without it customers will be lucky to find your site, and if they do you’ll be lucky if they stay.

Replace luck with certainty through our website copywriting service.

You don’t have to watch the Terminator films to appreciate the difficulties of humans and machines working together. Yet this is exactly the tough audience a website copywriter needs to crack.

Your site is viewed by both your target market and search engine spiders. A skilled website copywriter will appeal to both, even though they are reading its words in completely different ways.

Website Copywriting

Website Copywriting

Website Copy

When someone searches online for your type of business, your site has to come high in the results. This is achieved by search engine optimisation (SEO) and if your competitors do it better your target market will find them first.

SEO copywriting is a delicate balance. If you don’t get the right keywords in the optimal format in the best positions then search engines will not rank you highly.

On the other hand, stuff keywords in crudely and your site will be penalised or even de-listed from search results altogether.

Our SEO copywriting service will:

Successful business websites capitalise on one simple truth.

Your space on the web is not the same as a high street store. Neither is it a glossy brochure stuffed with information.

It is a place where you can develop a relationship with your audience. Indeed, fail to do so and they will move on like late night channel-hoppers.

Great website copywriting acts on this by:

SEO Copywriting

Powerful Web Copy

Maximising the impact of your website copy is more than the finishing touch - it is fundamental to your success. That’s why you need a professional SEO copywriter.

We offer services at many levels to invigorate your site, from refreshing what’s already there to creating full SEO copy from scratch.

Should you wish to utilise the full range of SEO strategies, we also offer additional services:

Writing Web Words

SEO Copywriting

•  Undertake full keyword research for your business

•  Incorporate these keywords strategically and seamlessly

•  Ensure the coding behind your website is optimised for     strong SEO performance.

•  Being both entertaining and informative

•  Balancing detail and brevity

•  Ensuring originality and distinctiveness that defines      your business and makes your message memorable

•  Providing careful calls to action which generate results

•  Encouraging readers not only to stay on your site, but      to keep coming back.

Site Updates/Blogs. Static sites sink in the rankings so you must keep your content fresh. We’ll work with you to generate this material.

Social Media. Your business website can become far more powerful when working in alliance with a strong social media strategy.  Draw more people to your site and exploit the full SEO potential of social media.

Whatever your website copywriting need, we’ve got it in hand.

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