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Advertising – It’s Enough to Make you Cry

  Say hello to Barney. Barney’s a sad dog.  His family couldn’t afford to keep him but instead of taking him to a shelter they kicked him out on the streets.  He was cold and scared.  He didn’t know how … Continue reading

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Literature and Copywriting – Chalk and Cheese?

To strive, to seek, to find…great deals on home insurance The world of literature is no stranger to copywriters.  Elmore Leonard, Joseph Heller, Peter Mayle and Salman Rushdie were all copywriters before finding literary fame.  Remember the slogan “naughty but … Continue reading

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Awfully Smart Advertising – The Power of Annoying

So, on a scale of 1-10, how irritated do you feel right now?  Whatever the figure a moment ago it’s probably a lot higher since clicking this page. Has the music started in your head yet?  “Go compaaare… Go compaaaare…” … Continue reading

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Advertisers – Spawn of the Devil?

Advertisers have been lucky over the past couple of years.  The global economy has gone the way of cheese in a fondue and MPs have been picking voters’ pockets.  Consequently, the national hate list has been dominated by bankers and … Continue reading

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