Website Copywriting – Professional or DIY?

Website copywriting is very important to your business.  Why?  Well, consider your answers to the following questions:

  1. Do you want people interested in your products or service to find your website?
  2. Do you want them to stay there once they’ve found it rather than click on to  another site?
  3. Do you want them to take action such as purchasing your product/service or contacting you?

If you answered no to any of these questions I’m amazed you found my blog in the first place, given the restrictions of your strait-jacket.  Well done you!  However, you’ll find nothing more of interest here and I’d suggest striking up a conversation with the purple rabbit in the corner.

For everyone else, of course you want these things and professional website copywriting help is crucial in making them happen.

We Can All Write

It’s a big day for your business.  The delegation from America is arriving and you have to impress them if you want that contract, so nothing can be left to chance.

Julia from Accounts has all the spreadsheets at the ready; Mike from Logistics has a cracking Powerpoint presentation and Jack from Human Resources is going to cook them a top-class lunch.  His girlfriend says he makes a wicked lasagne so catering for a group of international businessmen should be a breeze…

No, hang on, that really wouldn’t be sensible, would it?  Everyone knows Mike from Logistics wears those wacky ties that just won’t cut it at this level.

…Orrrr, maybe you’d opt for professional catering.  Of course, it sounds a ludicrous proposition to think that someone who rustles up a simple meal on a daily basis should be given such a responsibility, yet so many businesses make exactly the same decision when they ask one of their non-specialist employees to generate copy for their website.

They probably will have spent thousands on professional web designers to create the physical site but then happily try to save money by creating its content themselves.  The usual thinking is that their employees can write; they went to university so of course they can create effective content.

But there’s a difference between writing with reasonable accuracy and writing with professional skill in a business context. If you cut corners you damage sales.  Fill your sparkling new website with sub-standard copy and you squander its potential.  In the same way that buying a Rolls Royce and sticking deckchairs inside for the seating probably isn’t a smart move.

The Importance of Website Copy

Your website’s copy has to achieve the following objectives:

  • Enable visitors to find your site through search engines
  • Hold their interest in those first few seconds before most people click away
  • Keep that interest so they continue deeper into your site
  • Persuade them to take whatever action your business wants

This is far from easy and involves the tricky balance between search engine optimisation (SEO) and customer appeal.  On-site SEO is essentially about making sure the content of your site works powerfully with search engines to ensure your pages come high in search results for anyone looking for your company’s products or services.  If you don’t get this right it doesn’t matter how amazing your site is because no one will find it.

This contrasts with customer appeal because people don’t read your pages in the same way as machines and ultimately your task is to persuade them to take the action you want.

Combining these objectives requires an understanding of how to provide search engine crawlers with what they want and skill in writing persuasively.  That’s entirely in addition to the need for accuracy.  I regularly find errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation on the sites of even massive, household name companies – and it genuinely puts me off.  At an instinctive level the quality of your writing represents the quality of your company to consumers.

To expect non-professionals to achieve all of this is expecting too much of them.  In addition, they have their ‘proper’ jobs to be getting on with.  A full-time, qualified copywriter will be able to achieve better results in less time.

Spend Money to Make Money

The real mistake made by so many businesses is imagining the money spent on professional website copywriting services is somehow ‘wasted’.  The reality is that using in-house non-specialists is actually losing you money because without proper optimisation there are potential customers who will never find your website.  Furthermore, many who do make it there won’t stay or take action because the sales copy isn’t strong enough.

In short, the money spent on your copywriter will be more than offset by the additional sales it generates from your site.  Indeed, you should expect to make many times that investment through the power of professional copywriting.

Sorry, what’s that again?  …Purple rabbit agrees, you say?  Well, he’s a wise rabbit indeed.  Perhaps it just goes to show that good copy will keep people reading through to the end, even chromatically-challenged bunnies.

Mmmm?  Purple rabbit says you can read more at the Nexus Copywriting website?  Well, you wouldn’t want to disappoint him now, would you…?

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